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Light up your reading

  • Written by  eyecessories Informer

Summer and its balmy nights are on the way, and so comes the season for increased eyestrain. Many of us take the opportunity to sit out in the warm breezy evenings with a good book, and often we are so engrossed in what we are doing that we fail to notice the level of light around us.

Reading in dim light is a well-known cause of eyestrain, but this does not have to effect the enjoyment that comes with reading a good book.

The discomfort that may result from reading in dim light is definitely unpleasant. Most of us have experienced the strain that comes with the attempt to focus on the text of a book whilst the light levels fade.

When the retina senses that the surrounding light levels are low, the pupil will relax and enlarge in order to let more light in. it is readily thought that this combined with the extra pressure placed on the muscles behind the eyes when reading text in dim light, may be the cause of eye strain. With symptoms such as headaches, neck strain, nausea, blurred vision, dizziness and fatigue, eyestrain can be a debilitating repetitive stress injury.

According to Indiana University School of Medicine, the symptoms and effects of eyestrain may be minimized by the presence if sufficient light that does not cause glare. Yet this too has its drawbacks for those who enjoy reading in bed whilst their partner is sleeping.

The LightWedge book light is the economical and healthy solution to the symptoms that come with reading in dim light. LightWedge products have been developed with the mantra 'light the page, not the room', achieving just this through the innovative, patented light which focuses powered LEDs through a smaller tapered lens.

The LightWedge delivers enough light to brighten the book for easy reading, without disturbing those around you. Created for standard paperback books, the LightWedge's optical-grade lens sits flat on the page and is easy to use, meaning it is suitable for readers of all ages.

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