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20/20 Vision in and out of the Water

  • Written by  eyecessories Informer

We are headed into summer and as most of us are enjoying all the activities and water sports that come with it, there are those whose outdoor activities are limited by their need for prescription


Wearing your glasses in the water is a sure way to end up having to buy a new pair, and contacts tend to pop out when swimming. So what is the solution to having a pair of expensive prescription glasses lost into the deep blue yonder, or the murky abyss?

Prescription goggles.

Not only do these work well for swimming, but they are especially useful if you're doing a water sport, like surfing, kayaking, bodyboarding, kitesurfing, etc, where you may be able to avoid a very embarrassing fall.

They are a perfect tool for the prescription wearer as the purpose of a spectacle lens is to focus a clear image onto the retina in order to create clear vision. With the aid of prescription goggles this means you can have perfect 20/20 vision in and out of water.

Eyecessories.com.au has a great range of prescription swimming goggles for all watersports enthusiast or those who simply enjoy doing a few laps as you get into shape for summer.

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