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A Fashionable Solution

  • Written by  eyecessories Informer

Gone are the days of accessories for your glasses being dull, boring and out of date. We have stumbled upon a great designer who has a fantastic range of pendants which are now available at eyecessories.com.au

Why did we snap them up? Are you forever losing or misplacing your glasses? Do you know someone who does?

Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

You are out at a café having coffee and there is no where to place your glasses. You put them on the table, always worried that they are going to somehow end up on the floor and at the end of your coffee you and your friend walk away and it is not until you have reached home that you realize your glasses are still on the table!

We have all been there but we have come across a great designer called Lilana Molano who has a flare for creating these amazing pendants which are simply stunning on their own and are easily transformed into holders for you glasses.

All Liliana Molano Beaded Pendants are handmade. Italian designer Liliana Molano is a stained glass artist and painter and her pendants are simply stunning. Her mediums used in creating the pendants include beads, glass, stones and silver to name a few.

All beaded pendants comes with a draw-string pouch and a quality certificate guaranteeing that the metal parts are hypoallergenic and that the stones are of natural origin.

Quality is paramount and it shows. These pendants are not just beautiful but are also stunningly functional and we are so excited to have a range of Liliana Molano pendants available at eyecessories.com.au.

Never leave your glasses behind and look stylish in the process! Certainly a fashionable solution!

Last modified on Friday, 14 October 2011 13:11



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