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Tack RX by 720armour®

  • Written by  Eyecessories Informer

Introducing Tack RX by 720armour® Now Available at eyecessories.com.au

TackTM is the A-TrakTM series' shield-style model, designed with fast paced sports in mind. Wide lens coverage shields your eyes from the wind. The rimless frame maximizes field of view at the front and sides, and the impact-tested inner foam frame lining blocks high angle sunlight.

The adjustable nose pad hugs every facial contour and the hypo-allergenic rubber cradles your face no matter how intensely you're moving. The patented Compress Venting SystemTM (CVSTM) funnels heat generated from exertion to enhance the lenses' anti-fogging properties. TackTM performs at the highest level to take your performance to new heights.

Tack™ RX is equipped with an optional Rx-able adaptor, suitable for prescription lenses (to be fitted by an optical professional).

Tack™ styles are available in a range of colours and lens options to suit your style and will be available at eyecessories.com.au from RRP $253.00.

Last modified on Friday, 14 October 2011 13:06

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